What Jewelry Do I Sell?
There are endless jewelry designs out there. It’s almost impossible to gather all of them in one catalog. DJO managed to get very close to the idea. The custom made application created especially for our needs will be your mobile catalog for fashion jewelry, rings, pendants, earrings and much more.

Will I be able to present the jewelry to my customer before he/she commits to buy?
Yes, once your customer sets their mind on few items, we will ship the items to you so you can present them to the customer for final viewing and close the sale. Making sure you “qualify” the customer beforehand. It saves you unnecessary shipping costs.

What Diamonds Do I Sell?
Well-known independent gemological laboratories certify all of our diamonds and all are sourced from legitimate sources that comply with the Kimberly process and eliminate the possibility of any “blood diamonds” in our inventory. 

How do I make money?
Your profit is guaranteed! It is built into the advertised prices on the app and website. During the training you will learn that there is a lot of factors that determine a price of a diamond, therefore there is no set formula that can calculate your exact profits. A deeper understanding of margins will be disclosed during our initial meeting. 

Is there an initial investment?

Yes. Upon acceptance we require a payment in the amount of $2000, which will cover the cost of diamond grading tools and various marketing materials. For detail list of what's included in our Welcome Packet, click here.

Do I need any past experience?

The past experience in the jewelry industry is always helpful, but not required. We provide 5-day, on-site training at our Los Angeles headquarters that covers the following topics:

-Diamond and Jewelry Grading

-Creating A Custom Designed Jewelry Piece

-Handling Sales and Repairs

-Working with Approved Vendors

-Marketing Your Business

I like it, what's the next step?

Fill out and send the application to us and we will be in touch shortly!

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