Jacquelynn Serra 

Columbus, OH

Jackie once worked for a leading jewelry retailer. Yet, she saw the price revolution unfolding—and decided to ride the wave. Now she is a Private Jeweler for friends and family with Direct Jewelry. Jackie especially loves helping couples secure quality engagement rings!



"With support from Direct Jewelry I'm able to find the right piece for every budget—and a warranty for the products I sell. This is how I make my customers happy!"

"As the CEO of the Webb family and a mom of two, my life is busy. But, DJ lets me own a business and I set my own hours. Plus, I get to meet so many new people!"

"I have a secure day job in insurance. But my passion is jewelry. It's a joy to represent DJ's fine products. Together, we help people feel special."

"Friends love new jewelry for gifts, special occasions or to pamper themselves. And, offering amazing jewelry at a great price helps grow your clientele."

Lisa Youngo  

Harrison City, PA

Meet our superwoman from the Pittsburgh area. Lisa joined Direct Jewelry in 2014. She began selling to close friends and family, but quickly realized that reaching beyond her close circle would truly expand her business. As an ambulance dispatcher and active mom of two, Lisa spread the word to basketball moms and at PTA meetings. And it worked!



Sue Muccigrosso  

Portland, OR

Sue has been our most powerful force in the Northwest since 2011. She came from the corporate side of the jewelry industry. But, she took matters into her own hands the minute she discovered this opportunity to launch her own business and set her own hours. Congratulations, Sue.



​Elizebeth Webb  

Tujunga, CA

A real go-getter, Elizabeth had an explosive start! She actually had people lining up to purchase jewelry from her upon signing our agreement. Within her first month with DJ, she managed to include her business in several local charity events. She knows from experience: networking with nonprofit organizations is a great way to build customers.



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