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Private jewelers of Direct Jewelry is a program created by people, who wanted to pass on their passion and enthusiasm for the industry.
One of the most important steps to a successful business is to like what you do. Private jewelers saw joining the program as an opportunity to take part in an industry they once admired as customers, and at the same time earn extra income. Regardless of their professional backgrounds, they were motivated to learn about new field and driven to become recognizable, trustworthy providers of loose diamonds, bridle and fashion jewelry and high-end watches in their areas.

 During mandatory training where private jewelers learn about grading diamonds, handling jewelry sales and many other aspects of the retail jewelry business, they understand the benefits and strengths of belonging to a brand. It’s much more than obtaining the product at pre-negotiated prices and providing extraordinary quality. It’s the confidence of supplying merchandise with warranty, operating under an established name, it’s also receiving crucial marketing tools and professional guidance that grows and improves their business on daily basis.

 Direct Jewelry educates and prepares each and every member to enter the retail world of jewelry and diamonds. We share our rock solid industry basis and support you in this journey every step of the way. However, a successful business does not develop on its own. It takes time, it takes effort and commitment before one reaps the benefits.