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Who We Are

Direct Jewelry is a professional group of private jewelers in the US. Established as a franchise in Pittsburgh, PA in 1988, it's been opening doors to the jewelry industry for individuals all over the country. 

Years of experience and presence in the business allowed us to build a bridge between ambitious people and the glamorous world of diamond jewelry, known to be available exclusively through inheritance. We guide and support those, who are eager to add new chapters in their lives. 

Our Los Angeles based office and manufacturing facility provides an umbrella of services and inventory that supports the private jewelers. We came up with a marketing plan that helps create the exposure and recognition they need in order to gain the trust of local communities and establish themselves as the family jeweler for those around them. 

Since we all share the same name and affect each other’s reputation, the process of choosing new members is very selective. It takes time and effort on both sides- the new private jeweler and our team, to go through the process of obtaining basic knowledge a jeweler needs to possess.